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"I've been to at least 10 therapists in all my life, from life-coaching to psychotherapy. None of them have been so effective and healing as Dawn. She's amazing! I'm so glad I found her, my life has completely changed. Thank you Dawn, thank you so much. " ~ Jennifer

"The real reason we aren't happy isn't because of what happened to us, and it's not the circumstances of our lives, it's the past conditioning of our mind blocking us from connecting to the truth of our soul."

Dawn Lee

I saw several clinical psychologists and relationship counsellors previously and not one of them was able to help me to the degree that Dawn has. She just ‘gets it’- you'll see what I mean when you meet her!" ~ Katie

Flipping Your Mother Wound

There’s the mother wound and then there’s the toxic mother wound, harder to heal and runs deeper that the earths crust. Many suffer in silence and struggle to forgive and to heal. And it’s more common than we acknowledge.

When Are You Going To Let Yourself Run?

You’ve never worn weak well. About as well as a pair of ill fitting shoes, pinching your toes as you grimace along. Weak just doesn’t fit, and you hide it with a smile as you push on and do your best.  What a trooper. “You’re so strong” huh, if only they knew you...

The Truth About Your Destiny

When I aligned with my destiny, I just knew.   You recognize your destiny and it recognizes you, every lifetime. And if it’s not yet forth coming, maybe you need to get off your arse, trust your gut and follow the whispers.   I came to the other side of the world for...

A Perfect Match

There’s a challenge to getting what you want, you’re not energetically ready for it. What you currently have, is a perfect match for how you feel, right now. One won’t change until the other does.

Smashing The Illusion Of Best Self

This is the year to be your best self, right? Only the canvas you’re trying to patch up and make pretty isn’t even who you really are, and your best self then is just your old self with lipstick and new dress. Time to smash through the paradigm.

It’s Time To Retire Your Good Girl

It’s time to retire your good girl. No, you’re not breaking bad, more you’re recognizing the rise of the wild and free spirit in you. She who not only can’t be tamed, (you’re nobody’s pet) but who also can’t be shamed. And as shame is a most soul destroying emotion...

What Both You and Your Psych Are Avoiding

You’ll go see your Psych, therapist, counselor, whoever and you’ll off load, spilling your beans on who’s done what and why (no reason apparently?) And you'll cry as you recall how wronged you’ve been, copping a gut full of shit from the narc mother you grew up...

7 Life Lessons From A Horse

Animals are life’s treasure, they connect with our souls in ways that other human beings often fail at. Polly was my teacher, healer and dearest friend. And here’s what she taught me.

The Hardest Thing Is Deciding When To Give Up Or Try Harder.

Sometimes the hardest thing is deciding when to give up or try harder.     Life's a juggling act of As and Bs. Knowing when to hold on and try harder, or when to give up and walk away, especially when it comes to relationships.  What's the right direction?   We've had...


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