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Dawn Lee, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Writer and Metaphysical Teacher.  


Are you looking for solutions to your biggest life and relationship problems?


"My vision is a world in sync with our soul and in harmony with each other. And my goal, to end co-dependency, heal the toxic relationship patterns that rob our joy and lead you back to happiness, peace, love and connection. Let me show you the REAL meaning behind the struggles in your life and relationships. It really is the "secret" to living a happy life, strong and aligned"

"I've been to at least 10 therapists in all my life, from life-coaching to psychotherapy. None of them have been so effective and healing as Dawn. She's amazing! I'm so glad I found her, my life has completely changed.Thank you Dawn, thank you so much. " Jenifer


"I didn’t think that spirituality and logic were compatible, but Dawn has a unique combination of gifts that allow her to bring both of these together. She's amazing and super efficient. I saw several clinical psychologists/relationship counsellors previously, and not one of them was able to help me to the degree that Dawn has. She just ‘gets it’- you'll see what I mean when you meet her!" Katie - Amsterdam

My Feelings, My Responsibility

It can feel like someone else is pulling your strings, and that could because you’ve been believing in a fake truth. You’ve been believing that someone else is responsible for how you feel. Here’s why that’s not true.

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For The Motherless

One of the most sacred relationships on the planet is between mother and child. The love I have for my son is beyond measure. For as long as I live and breathe, and beyond, he’ll know he’s my world. I make this his experience every single day.   Nobody made it mine.  ...

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Why You Won’t Find Security In Relationships

There’s a myth that relationships will make us feel secure, but the truth is they don’t, they can’t. There’s no security in the external world. True security exists in one place, and one place only, on the inside. Discover why here.

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