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The Chakra System


Chakras are the body's spinning energy centres that feed energy around the body. Each chakra flows up from one to the next. There are 7 main chakras in the body: 


Root; Sacral; Solax Plexus; Heart; Throat; 3rd Eye, Crown 


Balancing the energy of our chakras is vital to keeping our life energy flowing. Where energy becomes stuck it becomes toxic and stagnant rendering the corresponding body area vulnerbale to dis-ease.  Dawn is a certified energy body and chakra clearing practioner, she also spent 3 months in daily training with a Ki Energy Healing Grand Master and she believes that the more attention we put on our energy centres, and bring the energy back into alignement, the healthier, happier, more balanced we are.


Chakra balancing and energy clearing sessions are 90 mins and by appointment only.  During the session we'll clear any subconsious blocks or attachments that you're holding, and using oils, stones, and tuning forks, and affirmation we'll bring each chakra back into resonance. You'll also use an acupressure mat designed to enhance energy flow.  If you'd like to discover more or book a session please connect here. 


Energy Jewellery Collection

Chakra jewellery helps to bring the body's energy centres back to alignment. Each stone corresponds to a specicif chakra and energectically resonates with the same frequency.  This beatiful jewellery is hand and custom made.  Mens range is also avaiblable.  Each peice is unique and stock is limited. For more info or to purchase please contact me.