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  So You Can Make This Your Happiest, Most Love Aligned Year Yet

Well Hey There!

You came a long way in 2018, but you're finding it hard to stay on track, you keep slipping back into old ways AND you want to further...


You want to more happiness, more control of your life, you want more connection and to know your own soul.

And of course you want more love.

And to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

You want to be more authentic - because you've tired of the fakery, (we all have!)

You want the real feel and this to be the year that it all sticks. 

That's why I Want To Coach You AND Give You My 2019 "Ultimate Inner Vision Map" FREE



Now there's a reason for that and I'll get to it shortly, first I want to share something with you:

Two Huge Blocks Holding You Back From Happiness And Real Love

There are two big blocks keeping you from the kind of happiness and love that doesn't rely on any one or any thing.

The kind of love and happiness that no matter what you've lived through, who you're with (or not with) or what's going on in your life, past, present or future, sinks deep into your bones.

Every New Year people get excited, set goals and make plans to get what they want.

Great love, great success, a great body, great health, real happiness.

But before long the excitement wanes, doubt creeps back in and they spiral back down into that familiar dark feeling (you know the one.)

And then reach for the same old emotional crutch; food, alcohol, drugs, sex, attention, another unfulfilling relationship.

And soon they're feeling exactly like they did the year before, and before that, and before.... you get the picture.

And then the apparent cold, hard truth.

"Real Love And Happiness doesn't exist" (hush now, don't worry it does.)

Sound familiar?

I get it, truly .....

I used to muster determination, convince myself I could be truly happy, love and be loved.

But staring me in the face was everything I didn't have and my heart would sink at the obvious lack.

And it would hit me, "I'm never going to be happy.

So I'd do what everyone else was doing, I'd pretend. 

Only i got sick of that, and now I know we don't have to keep pretending.

We don't have to keep faking our lives and relationships as the best we've ever had.

And we don't have to fake that we love ourselves (this is life changing.)

It can be real, so long as we aren't being held back by the two huge blocks to love and happiness.

So what are they?

Well, firstly...


Spiritually Awakening Empaths Struggle To Stop Being Ruled By The Past

Actually, we all do but if you identify with spritually awakening and you're a feeler, you don't know yourself without guilt...

Without doubt and shame.

Without self sabotage, without melt downs, triggers, anxiety, impatience and daily inner chaos.

You don't know yourself without the story that you're not good enough.

You have no idea who you are beyond the fear that you can't be truly happy.

And you can't quite believe you'll ever truly have enough trust and control to run from what doesn't serve you, know your true value, and attract real love into your life. 

You're scared you'll never be the person you want to be, and you'll keep meeting people who align with your old wounds.

Well, I learned that getting back to real love and happiness is a process:

A process that's far from linear.

First it goes backwards, and then forwards, and it happens in levels. And if you're not down with nailing each level, you'll keep going around in circles.

And you'll stay lost in the old story of who you think you are.

The second huge block holding us back from real love and happiness is...

Not Having Consistent Clarity, Accountability & Ongoing Support

Without it we wast months, years even aligning with the same people, same situations, conflict, drama and confusion.

You might get some powerful shifts and for a while things change, BUT then you plateau.

And along comes another crisis and you realise you've slipped back.

And once again you feel lost.

That's Why You Need My 2019 "Ultimate Inner Vision Map"

If you want to break the cycle and get real happiness and love in your life, my "Ultimate 2019 Inner Vision Map" was created for you.

My desire is that this is the year you'll finally know who you truly are.

And you'll realise the depths of what you're really capable of feeling, giving and receiving when it comes to life and love.

But before I tell you more about that ...

Here's What Want To Give You FREE

#1:  The Ultimate Inner Vision Map ($197 Value)

To help get you clear on your vision from the inside out.

I've noticed my coaching clients freeze when I ask them "what does this greatest version of you look and feel like, in your every day life?

How does she do relationships?

How does she respond when triggered?

How does she deal with dis-rsepect, toxic or emotionally unavailble takers?

How does she receive, what does that even look like?

They don't know. 

People wonder how with a past as traumatic as mine how do I live with such peace, presence and joy.  

Well, I can tell you, it certainly didn't happen by chance.

It's taken me years of focused, dedicated practice, learning, and unlearning and getting clear on the inside and having an inner vision to what I want is a key peice of my evolution.

And that's why I created this inner vision plan.

Using this exact model will help you get clear on building the bridge from where you are to the vision of where you want to be.

#2: 10 Step Guide To Acting As If   ($49 Value)

How to create what you want by thinking like you already have it.

Saying it is one thing, showing up and being it, is another.

Acting As If is key, but it's a challenge, because you can't yet think as if.

And that's why I created the 10 Steps Guide to Acting As If.

This guide can be used over and over again on whatever it is that you want, to help you get into the mindset and feeling state of having it, FIRST.

Using this step by step guide you'll discover how to switch your mindset from lack to the mindset of having what you want.

This Isn't Like A Vision You've Done Before

Most visions focus on what you want to 'have', not who you want to 'be'.

BUT you have to be in order to have.

What's missing is what's needed to make it real, and that's the inner vision.

Like most people on the planet, you're probably trying to make your dreams happen outside, instead of first making them happen inside.

And when they don't materializeyou're telling yourself life sucks, you suck, and manifesting sucks.

YAnd when you get stuck your friends and family (if they're decent) will try to help. 

They'll tell you you're awesome and you deserve so much more, but it won't change a thing.

And besides, they aren't happy either and they don't love themselves any more than you do.

These 2 FREE gifts are powerful tools that will help get you on track for creating your greatest vision of yourself.

And not only will they inspire you as to what's possible but they'll also help you avoid falling back into the same holes.

So.... it all sounds quite amazing and you're defintiely down for it, (and why wouldnt you be?!) but I know you're wondering;

Why Am I Giving Away These Powerful Tools Worth $$$ For FREE?

Well, here's the thing, whilst I know these tools will give you results, I also know that the greatest thing you're lacking and what you really, truly NEED more than anything else, is continued clarity, accountability and ongoing support.

Without it you keep on slipping back.  

And you keep feeling lost.

And you keep being hard on yourself, thinking you should be further forward.

Thinking you should be happy, already.

Thinking you should love yourself, already.

And you should be grateful, already.

Only you're not.

And you keep slipping back in the spiral.

Back into the dark feeling.

Back into the self sabtoage.

And that's what you need to get out of, and to stay out of.

So I'm Giving You These Gifts To Make It A No Brainer For You To Join Me In My Brand New Inner Circle Of Clarity, Accountability & Support

The Inner Circle of Clarity, Accountability & Support is the next best thing to working with me as your coach (cool, right!!)

It's also an exclusive members community.

Once inside you can connect with like-minded people on the same spiritual journey. People, who like you, are ready to drop the pretence, get real and get aligned with love and happiness FOR REAL.

People who understand the challenges of what they're going through; they're going through it too.

They also want (and are wise enough to know that they need) direct and consistent access to me so I can keep them on track and expand their knowledge, practice and help them uplevel.

They value the powerful teachings and coaching sessions and know I will keep them growing.

Have a look at what Suzie had to say....


And I'm blown away as always with your bull-shit free approach to life and reminding me that it's about activating my own inbuilt system of healing. You've led me to a new level of understanding and the turnaround is epic. I've never felt this level of readiness to move the f*ck on and change the tune rather than settle for repeated shit music. You hit the nail on the head.  I know I need your leadership through this, they say that when you have a challenge the best way to overcome it is to learn from someone who's already overcome it and learn from the way they lead their lives. I know with your guidance I'll be at a new level of clear, peaceful and aligned living, accepting what is and not being in a constant anxious state. Thank you beautiful soul."



Here's Why This Is Perfect For You

When you join me in the Inner Circle of Clarity, Accountability and Support it'll have far reaching transformative effect in every aspect of your life, particularly your relationships (they hold up the mirror.)

It will massivly impact on your mental, emotional and spiritual well being AND your communication with the Universe.

I know you already know how easy it is to slip back into old habits so it's quite obvious why this is perfect for you.

I know you want to grow and keep growing, and you know you need more clarity, accountability and support to do it.

So rather than try and convince you of what you already know, let me tell you how it works.

Here's How It Works

Monthly Live Sessions With Me 

Each month I'll deliver a powerful live coaching session packed with my most potent content, strategies, tools and techniques. You won't find this level of content anywhere else.

You'll discover who you are and how to create powerful shifts in your inner world that create powerful shifts in your outer world.

These sessions give you next level access to me.

We'll cover everything from subconscious mind programming, conditioning, core beliefs, spiritual principles and practice, meditation, projection, manifesting, forgiveness, emotional mastery, crushing negative thinking, creating lasting relationships, letting love in, ending fear of intimacy, feminine and masculine energies, letting go, and much, much more.

Over 12 months you'll expand and build on everything you know.

Each session you'll dive deeper than you ever have, and grow in ways you didn't realise were possible.


Fortnightly Q&A Sessions 

Every fortnight I'll deliver a powerful Q&A where I'll answer up to 6 questions that can be submitted to me any time during the month.

This is a powerful way for you to get direct, razor sharp clarity on your most troublesome confusion and also benefit from the wisdom and insight that comes from other people's questions.

Which are often the very ones you want to know, but don't know how to ask!


Weekly Emails From Me

Every week you'll get an email from me straight to your inbox with powerful 'members only' content (again you won't get this anywhere else) on point for what's going on in your life.

Because I just know!

And I'll also share with you what's going on in mine.

And what I use that I know works, and will work for you.

And how I continue to find the hidden meanings and opportunities in life's challenges that guarantee my growth and expanding power.


And There's More

You'll also get exclusive discounts on ePrograms and eBooks.

And monthly book recommendations (find out what I'm reading).

Plus connection, encouragement, sharing and support in an exclusive members group.

And weekly focused mantras.

And the chance to experience mentorship from me (this is crucial for your continued growth!)

A Word of Warning

I don't do fluff and the Inner Circle of Clarity, Accountability & Support is exclusive and ONLY for those ready to take responsibility.

If you're committed and ready to ditch old paradigms, patterns, beliefs and stories, you'll fit like a glove.

But if you're still blaming others, if you're into complaining, moaning, undermining and if you're not willing to show up to the live sessions, ask questions, share, encourage and let yourself be helped, this isn't for you.

Your energy just won't gel.

I'm creating a powerful community of truth, expansion, growth, change, transformation and spiritual evolution that I WANT TO BE IN.

It's a place where real happiness and real love will emerge from.

Sound good? 

It is!  So now you're wondering:

What's My Investment?

And how do I receive your juicy offerings?

The powerful 2 gifts, (including the "Ultimate Inner Map") are my gift to you for saying YES to yourself and taking this step to join me in a trial experience of the Inner Circle.  

You'll get your gifts and for 30 days you'll have full access to the Inner Circle including the first live coaching call.

The investment is only AU$39!!!! (that's just $10 a week!)

If after 30 days you're hooked on the Inner Cirlce (you will be..)

And you're loving the content (of course..)

And your vibe's rising AND you know you made a wise and powerful decision (hell yes..)

Then you simpy pay a recurring monthly membership installment of $39

That's just $10 per week, $1.30 per day (or the cost of two cups of coffee per week.)

So, for just $1.30 per day you can have the next best thing to working 1:1 with me as your coach.

You can have me in your corner, driving you forward, stopping you from slipping back into old habits.

You can share in my most powerful, expansive wisdom, teachings and insight (I won't be sharing these anywhere else.)

You can get your questions answered.

You can get clarity on your problems.

You can have ongoing, unwavering support. 

You can massively fast track your emotional and spiritual evolution.

And you can start uplevelling and enjoying deep and delicious relationships, including the one with yourself!

Or you can save your $1.30 and buy two extra cups of coffee.

It's really a no-brainer, right? .... I know which I'd rather!

But it's on you, and there's no obligation.

And that's why there's ALSO:

A NO FUSS, NO LOCK IN guarantee which means you can cancel.

I don't gel with resistance and I won't hold you where you don't want to be.

But I do want you to have more clarity.

And to know the positive impact of accountability.

And the miraculous transformative power of my wisdom and support.

And I want to stop you slipping back and see just how far you really can go.

And if you decide it's not for you within 30 days you can hit the eject and it won't cost you a dollar more.

And you can keep the gifts.

So long as you know, (and I know that you do) it's a slippery slope.

So Here's How You Join


Simply click the button below, enter your details and then you'll shortly get a welcome email with your free gifts. The Inner Circle won't be offically kicking off until Februray 1st, but NOW is the time to take action and get your spot secured.  

You'll also receive an invite to join the private group, and once we kick off you'll have all the benefits of being full member.


Can't Wait To See You On The Inside!!

A Reminder Of What You Get 



Gift #1

Gift #2

Gift #3


Every month you'll get a powerful focused mantra that will lead you to deeper truth and self realisation.


Once a month I'll hold live members only training sessions with powerful new content and you can connect during the lives.


Every fortnight I'll answer up to 6 questions that can be submitted to me at anytime truth during the month.


You'll get an email from me every week touching base and keep you up to speed with what's working for me and any insights and wisdom that I feel guided to share with you.


You'll have access to an exclusive supportive community where you can connect with likeminded soul seekers to, share, encourage and support. 


You'll get a monthly book recommendation, and I'll let you know what I'm reading right now that you too would enjoy and find helpful on your journey.   



As  a member you'll receive exclusive discounts of up to 50% off all online current and future programs and eBooks. 

Ready To Join?