Ready To Unravel The Chaos In Your Mind And Finally Get To The Root Of What's Causing Your Problems?


Well you're in the right place

  I know your big fears.

 I know the panic in your chest, your secret unworthy story AND what keeps you tossing and turning at night.

 I also know the constant "buts" and "what ifs" that block alignment with what your heart desires and your soul can deliver.

 I know you want to believe you can be happy, but the critical voice inside won't let you realise it.  

I know you're confused by the reflections in your life:

 Every situation yet to be turned around.

 Every bad circumstance yet to be transmuted into a good one.

 Every opportunity yet to be transformed into an advantage.   

 Well, I'm here to help change that. 


I specialise in

 Life / Spiritual / Clarity & Alignment Coaching

Metaphysical Counseling

 Subconscious Reprogramming

 Radical Acceptance and Forgiveness

 Past Trauma & Emotional Healing & Realignment

 Soul Planning, Karmic and Ancestral Clearing

 Law of Attraction and Alignment Coaching

And I work with

  Intuitive, Professional, Spiritually Awakening Rebels.

 Courageous humans who've travelled a hard road and are ready to live with peace in their hearts and love in their life as their strongest, most powerful, authentically aligned self.  Because I see you, I know the bones of you AND I will lead you to seeing and knowing yourself.

Your work is so incredible, it's just so inspiring. This has been MASSIVE, I have had this pattern for years. You're the best thing that has happened to me. I only wish I'd met you sooner. Much love and thank you!!!



You'll love what I do


The power of transformative, bull-shit free truth.

Love, respect and a yet experienced level of  self belief.

Extreme mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.

A safe and scared space to unravel.

Unwavering support from your fiercest ally who believes in you 100%

Accountability and being called on your BS.

A new level of understanding all aspects of your life.

Evolutionary processes and programs that create radical change.

A shift in your vibration, awareness and level of consciousness.

Epic turnarounds that will blow you away and create a shift in perception, thinking patterns and belief.

Inspired action and motivation that will lift your inner vibration.

Real solutions to what's creating your problems.


I don't do fluff nor wear kid-gloves because I love you enough to get my hands dirty. I advocate for your soul so I deliver powerful, transformative, disruptive truth. Your ego won't like it, but your soul will thank me for it. 

I got more out of one session with you, than I did seeing a psychiatrist once a week for 8 weeks, and he cost me $250 a session.  Thank you!!

Emily, Brisbane

So You're Ready To Find The Missing Piece..

I get to the root, beyond the patterns and paradigms and back to the one deep thread that weaves through your life.

 I'mnot here for helping you manage, I'm here for helping you solve.

I have a passion for enabling the wisdom and truth of the soul to find a clear channel through, I call it 'activating the soul brain™.'

Experience has taught me this doesn't happen without doing the deep shadow work that many bypass.

One of my gifts is being able to see what others can't, and then lead you to seeing it too.

I help you adjust to truth as you expand, heal and evolve beyond what you've been taught to believe.

And I help you unlearn.

This is an exciting time and space to be in, because we're growing ever closer to embodying our truth and our spiritual power.

Are you Ready?

Thank you a trillion times over. I cannot convey the powerful influence you have had over me. I just feel really happy where I'm at. There's a peace I haven't felt before.... I'm really excited for the next chapter, the one without the stories and self-imposed limitations. The one where I get to realise my full potential and get to experience the love I've always wanted. What a year 2019 will be. I can feel it and I can't wait. Thank you to 2018 for the lessons and healing. And that's because of you Dawn. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!



Ready To Work With Me?



Pre-assessment, 1:1 intutive coaching session + detailed session report incl. reflections/action steps

You've hit a wall, you NEED UNFILTERED CLARITY.

This INTRO session will give it to you AND start shifting the energy around your situation. We'll connect the dots, uncover the universal energies, belief and thought pattern underpinning your current life/relationship drama and the bigger picture will start to come into view.

Though I draw on intuitive wisdom, I don't do readings, connect with your guides or angels etc. I lead you to the clarity and truth of what is and the deeper wisdom from soul persepctive. And empower you to take aligned and intuitive action to resolve your issue, inside out.

Your Investment $185


Pre-Assessment, Core wound/belief analysis, 4 X 1:1 intuitive coaching sessions, session reports, 4 X breakthrough modules, unlimited access between sessions + 7 days after completion.

This program unravels your blocks back to the roots and reveals your unconscious beliefs, dominant fears, life stories and repeating drama/crisis/challenge/self sabotage and relationship blueprint.

We reveal what is, uncover your resistance and cultivate a deeper understanding that leads to radical acceptance and releasing the mental and emotional blocks that limit your life and relationships.

From here you may choose to continue to the LEVEL 2 and delve deeper into the spiritual aspects of your soul's journey.

Your Investment $900 (payment plan available)


5 x 1:1 emotional alignment and spiritual evolution coaching sessions, detailed reports, unlimited contact between sessions + 7 days after completion + 6 months inner circle membership

12 week intensive emotional and spiritual alignment and law of attraction. Understanding universal energies, past life energty patterns, ancestral and karmic imbalances, relationship blueprint.

For accelerated radical change and spiritual growth and next level alignment, helping you become a conscious powerful co-creator. Discover life and soul purpose (they're different.)

Emerge strong, clear, authentic and soul aligned ready to take control of your life and relationships from the inside out.

Your Investment $1200 (payment plan available)

Dawn's not your average life coach, her spiritual approach to coaching really helped me get to all that stuff buried deep down and understand it from a level that's not just about the mind. Dawn has been super attentive and caring. She often goes well beyond what's required to ensure you're supported throughout the process. If you're ready to dig deep into your unconscious patterns and finally change your life, Dawn is the life coach you want to connect with.

Nick, Brisbane

Are There Any Guarantees? 


I know 100% the work I do is life changing. However, I can't guarantee you'll get the results you want because I can't control you.

I CAN guarantee I'll show up for you 110% AND I'll put my heart and soul into helping you.

But you have to show up for yourself AND be willing to do the work. I can lead you there, but the magic's in you.

Personal and spiritual development is a life long journey AND you can and will see results, often in a very short time.

AND if you're committed to the process YOU Can Guarantee Your Own Results.

For the above reasons I don't do refunds. Experience has taught me you're either all in or you're not.  Transforming your life should be the one thing you absolutely commit to above all else -  BECAUSE YOU'RE THE KEY. 



"As co-creator of our own realities, and with an inner power to live happy, strong, and fearless and create unbreakable bonds with the people we love, what could be more worthy of investing our time, effort and energy into discovering how?"

Are You Ready?