Save Years Of Life & Relationship Misery


I specialise in

Extreme mental, emotional & spiritual clarity and the disruptive, transformative truth that will upgrade your programs of belief. Marry that with inspired, intuitive, energetically aligned action to lift you out of the shadows of your past reality and into a brand-new journey of consciousness. The one that will lead directly to real love and your unimagined dreams.

And I work with

Bold, brave, adventurous, worldly, spiritual rebels (unrealised empaths) stuck in a cycle of repeating relationship drama, codependency and self-sabotage who're struggling with a lack of direction, love and support.

You're here because

  You've been through a broken relationship or two, self love and acceptance are still a struggle and you haven't yet worked yourself out.

Inside lives a god/dess of fire, a divine warrior, but growing up you didn't get the love and security you needed and you over attach, in all the wrong places. True intimacy is your secret fear, you hate being alone and the a panic in your chest keeps you settling, much to the dismay of your neglected soul.

And there's a shit ton of old hurts, stories, circumstances and confusion in your life that needs cleared up:

I'm here to help you change that

Your work is so incredible, it's just so inspiring. This has been MASSIVE I have had this pattern for years. You're the best thing that has happened to me. I only wish I'd met you sooner. Much love and thank you!!! ~ Amanda

You'll love what happens when you work with me


My genius is decoding your past first through the lens of relationships, and then through the lens of your soul.

I can get straight to the roots of the patterns, programs and paradigms keeping you stuck and repeating the past.

You'll finally understand why you keep attracting the same crappy relationships and situations that interupt your flow and interfere with your right to be happy.

You'll discover why you stick around longer than you should, and cling to what you no longer serves you.

You'll discover how to get in touch with your soul, know your true value and recognise your inherent worth.

Discover how to make decisions that align with your higher self and stop letting ego and old dodgy patterns run your life.

Disengage and break up with toxic people in your  life (including your parents) and discover why there's no such thing as "belonging."

Learn how to heal your energetic relationship with the masculine (father) that keeps f*cking up your romantic relationships.

And the fractured relationship with the feminine (mother) that keeps you blocked from recieving and triggering other women/friends/co-workers/your mother.

Lean into trust, quash the self doubt as you learn how to communicate with your inner being.

Break up with your past and the stories of victimhood (please, you're a f*cking warrior.)

Master the fuck out of your mind, yes master, the mind is a tool and you're meant to be managing it.

Quit listening to other people's unconsious opinions about you and your life and realise you don't need approval.

Discover how to turn the worst experiences in your life inside out and discover the gold of your soul.

Become a master of relationships, no more confusion and drama.

Give up attachment, dissolve co-dendency and step into the energy of the autonomous, soveriegn being you're here to be.


I'm here to change your life. I don't do fluff or wear kid-gloves, I love you enough to get my hands dirty. I advocate for your soul so I deliver powerful, transformative, disruptive truth. Your ego won't like it, but your soul will thank me for it. 

I got more from one session with you than I got from seeing a psychiatrist for 8 weeks and he cost $250 per session. Thank you!!! ~ Emily, Brisbane

 Extreme Clarity Now

Here's how this clarity session will work; In 75 MINUTES we'll save you MONTHS (YEARS EVEN) of more excruciating worry, stress, over analysing, rehashing, flakey decision making (and then beating yourself up) that ends in added relationship confusion, conflict, disconnect and misery.

You've hit a wall.

Maybe you've gone through, you're going through or you want to avoid going through a breakup (are you still picking the wrong partners?) Or maybe you've found a good one, only now you're sabotaging the shit out of things and you've no idea why (or how to stop.)

Or you could be sick of being single or just feeling stuck in a big old rut and you can't see the way through.

This session will give you more than clarity.  We'll get to the underlying subconscious root of what's unfolding and why.  This is crucial because no matter what you do or don't do, true clarity and the real change that comes from it, only happens when we see beyond the surface and into the hidden layers of your true problem.

You need to see what your soul is trying to express.

And the sooner, the better because from an energetic perspective your point of attraction is stuck on whatever you're obsessing over. That means you're furture creating more of exactly what it is that you don't want.

This session will pin point the old victim story, mental paradigm and subconscious belief creating the chaos and that stuck feeling. You'll get a peek at the bigger picture so you can start the journey of solving your life and relationship problems from the inside out.

Right now you can't see the wood for the trees. There's likely a lot of pent up hurt, anger and emotional back log that needs cleared, so your mind can settle and you can bring forward a more empowered, balanced and higher persecpetive to your situation.


I've walked in your shoes, I know the overwhelm and emotional exhaustion, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

But knowledge is power and the reason you're feeling so powerless right now is because you don't really know what's going on and why. And that's feeding into a deeper fear you have around security.  What you need now is:









Stop listening to people outside of you.  The advice from your friends and well meaning family isn't helping. They're not you, they don't know what you need or have a true understanding of your problem.

I want the best results for you in the shortest time and for that reason I don't do band aid solutions and I'm not just 'a shoulder to cry on' (although darling I will hold a sacred space for your tears.)

I'm here for your soul, my work is deep, fast and powerful.

This powerful mind and soul clarity session is $235.  If you're ready jump in now, make payment here. Once your payment is through you'll recieve a deep dive pre-assessment to start the process and from there we'll schedule a time to talk.

After our session you'll also recieve key reflections on our session to further deepen and internalize the clarity AND a tailored subconscious  mind statement that help reprogram your subconscious to accept change.

I'll be bringing a neon light to shine on your problem and you'll get the inspired and intutive action and direction you need to unstick yourself and reset your internal GPS in the direction of your destiny.

Do not underestimate the depth of clarity this session will bring you.


I see what others miss and know what others have yet to learn (and unlearn.) I also know how to get out of you the exact information you're holding back from yourself. Information that's crucial to you getting through this.  

Trust your intuition, you're on this page for a reason, your soul already knows I can help you.

Let's do this!

"I really do think you're amazing. Just one session and your support really helped me and has kick started me to an awakening. I'm in a much happier place, not just in myself but also with the relationships I have with those I love, and the relationships I don't have anymore because I've started respecting myself, setting boundaries and realising what I value in a relationship and what I don't value. This would not be possible without you. Much love and gratitude." ~ Matt

Life Audit & Relationship Blueprint Reset


How many more years will you waste repeating the same old relationship dramas and life patterns?

Well, that really depends on how done you are with....

  • Emotionally unavailable partners
  • Feeling taken for granted; no matter how much you give it's never enough
  • Feeling confused and insecure in relationships and always fearing that you can't have what you truly want
  • Living in fear of the future
  • And regretting the past
  • Settling for relationships and situations that you know aren't what you truly want
  • Second guessing yourself and ignoring your intuition
  • Self-sabotaging your progress
  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Feeling lost and like you don't belong

Your happiness is precious, and your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Right now everything's suffering because you're stuck in repeating life and relationship pattern that's spiralling out of control.

That persistent uncomfortable feeling inside you, that's your soul pushing for you to awaken and get back into alignment.

You're likely self sabotaging; distracting yourself with alcohol, food, drugs, sex (whatever your poison) only that's rapidly failing.  You're half living, trying to hide your misery and fear as the old repeating patterns suck your life energy and crap on your joy.

No wonder you're exhausted.

One too many misaligned connections and years of confusion and settling has taken its toll. The emotional damage, anxiety, destructive habits and depressive, negative thinking are all adding up.  Let's do something about that!!

We're going to get to the root of your life and relationship blueprint that keeps playing out, because honestly, it won't stop until you do.  It's not a coincidence that you keep meeting the same relationship problems, having the same experiences, feeling the same old hopeless feelings.

This is a life and relationship AUDIT. Over four hours of 1:1 with me (can be done weekly or in 2 blocks of 2 hrs) we'll unravel your patterns back to the roots.  Here's what will happen:

  • We'll start with a deep dive pre-assessment
  • You'll spend 4 razor focused 1:1 hours with me
  • We'll reveal your current shadow life and relationship blueprint
  • You'll receive detailed reports from our 1:1 sessions
  • AND a brand-new aligned blue print to move forward with.
  • PLUS You'll have UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ME during the program and 7 days after (VALUE = PRICELESSS!!!)
  • You'll also get my Breakthrough Program (6 modules)
  • AND as a BONUS you'll get FREE access to my 10 Day Clarity & Realignment Program.

It's going to be challenging and intense (anything this valuable takes effort) but you will get results. This is the beginning of the end of the road for your old story, and your past.


This is a $1200 program - If you already know you're in you can pay upfront here. Or if you have any questions and need more info you can request a free 15 min call and see if we're aligned.

Your life and relationship blueprint is recreating the same old hurts you went through growing up. Until you get to the core of what's happening and why, your subconscious will just keep recreating the same relationship patterns over and over.

Deep down you know you need a shift, this isn't "just how it's meant to be."

You've always known there's more for you, better love, more happiness, more success, more inner peace, more authenticity - you just haven't discovered how to break free and claim it.

You're fated to evolve, and connect back to your soul, we all are. It's just a matter of when we decide that we've had enough of life as it is, and we're willing to take the next step. 

Don't leave it too long, the more mental and emotional damage, the longer the journey.  If you have any questions reach out and schedule a call.

Dawn's not your average life coach, her spiritual approach to coaching really helped me get to all that stuff buried deep down and understand it from a level that's not just about the mind. Dawn has been super attentive and caring. She often goes well beyond what's required to ensure you're supported throughout the process. If you're ready to dig deep into your unconscious patterns and finally change your life, Dawn is the life coach you want to connect with. ~ Nick

Radical Forgiveness & Freedom Program


If you want to know how to tuly love and live FREE of the pain of your past, then forgiveness is the path.

Most people struggle to forgive. Traditional forgivenss is just too hard for what's often considered to be unforgiveable. Especially if you've been devestated by your own parent(s), or experienced an extreme trauma or personal violation.

It can feel like a wound that will never heal.

I know different (and I live that knowing) because I've healed those very wounds of my own. I will hold space for the shame and trauma that needs to release itself in order for to be free.  And I will show you how to transform that shame and trauma and untie yourself from the people who hurt you and the stories that keep you suffering.

  • We'll start with a deep dive pre-assessment.
  • Followed by 1 hour 1:1 hearing your story.
  • Then over a further two hours together we'll collapse the story, extinguish the emotion and begin the reframe from the persepctive of your soul.
  • Finally we'll spend an hour executing the Radical Forgiveness & Freedom Technique to collapse the pattern and internalise the forgiveness from the subconscious and spiritual level.
  • PLUS You'll have unlimted access to me in between sessions and for 7 days after the program (priceless)
  • You'll also have access to my Breakthrough Program and 10 Days of Clarity & Alignment Program

Don't underestimate what can be done.  I lived through unspeakable trauma growing up and I'm the most healed, happiest, most free from the past person I know. . 

I'm the real deal; I walk my talk, I'm living proof it can be done.

This program is a $1200 and it's not like anything you've done before. It's not for everyone and because of the spiritual nature of this work there are pre-requisites to you joining. To see if you're aligned and ready, connect for a free call.



Next Level Mind & Soul Evolution VIP


Until now you've been dipping a toe in that needs to change. You're here to go all the way and uplevel back to the truth of your own soveriegnty.  That means knowing yourself an independent, indivualised being of higher consciouness.

Are you ready for that?  I hope so, it's your destiny.

This is a $5000 6 month VIP program, it's next level acceleration to radical mind and soul evolution.

And it's not for everyone, it's a VIP intensive mastery program strictly by invite only.

You'll need to be 100% ready and willing to step up, own your shit, and do exaclty what you're instructed to do.

In return you'll get 24 hours of mind and soul evolution coaching, mentoring and relationship mastery over 6 months.

You'll also get access to my Members Program + Breakthrough Program AND my 10 Day Clarity & Realignment Program.

This is the overhaul, imagine how fast you'll tranform your shit with consistent coaching and connection with me.

Only 4 intakes per year and by invite only, so first you need to schedule a free call and see if we fit.

Since working with Dawn I've grown so much spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Being mentored, coached and supported by Dawn has given me a better quality of life. Not just through now having awareness in everything I do, but also believing that things around us mirror what's within us. Life truly is what you make it. I finally understand that saying now. I can honestly say that meeting Dawn was one of the biggest blessings in my life and through her caring, warm, emotional intelligence, love and support - I'm forever grateful!" ~ Gee


HERE'S WHAT'LL HAPPEN, YOU'LL STOP CONFUSING THE SHIT OUT OF YOURSELF ASKING FOR ADVICE  and in just 20 razor-sharp focused minutes we'll solve your confusion.

A POWERTALK will happen fast, guaranteed within a max of 4 hours of you making payment. Depending on my schedule I may be able to call you within the hour, or even straight away!

DO NOT underestimate what you'll get from this call. 20 mins of Truthtelling is worth HOURS of coaching and YEARS of counselling. That's because truth cuts through the noise, lifts your consciouness and literally folds time. Don't waste hours burning through energy and mental power and focusing your point of attaction on what you don't want.

Solve your confusion in minutes. POWERTALKs are fast and sharp, so you need to be clear on what your issue is. Once you've paid I'll text you the available times for our call. *Calls running over 20 mins will be charged in 20 min increments.

Your Investment $85

(*calls running over charged in 20 min increments)

Thank you so much, it's such a relief to have your support. I'm so grateful, it's been so sobering and grounding, as always. Thank you." ~ Amanda

Are There Any Guarantees?

I know 100% the work I do is life changing.

However, I can't guarantee you'll get the results you want because I can't control you.

I CAN guarantee I'll show up for you 110% AND I'll put my heart and soul into helping you.

But you have to show up for yourself AND be willing to do the work. I can lead you there, but the magic's in you.

Personal and spiritual development are a life long journey and you can and will get results, often in a very short time.

AND if you're committed to the process YOU Can Guarantee Your Own Results.

For the above reasons I don't do refunds. Experience has taught me you're either all in or you're not.  Transforming your life should be the one thing you commit to above all else.