Ready To Work With Me?

Sarsha Simone

You want to be happy, have a great relationship, and feel like you're doing life right. But you feel empty and stuck; life's passing you by. Something's eating you from the inside out, robbing your joy, and you don't know how to make it stop.  



I know you sometimes feel like you're drowing and that the rug keeps getting pulled from under your feet.  You're trying hard, but you just can't seem to shake it off and get passed this. And the love and connection you want seems further away than ever. 


YOU'RE TIRED of pretending.  Inside you feel lost, scared, shamed and alone. You feel like you've lost control.  


You need clarity and to find yourself AND you need to make peace with the past. You want to discover your inner strength, be more self-reliant, more present, relaxed, confident, decisive and aligned. You want to let go, clear the blocks and finally feel good about who you are.


YOU WANT TO RELIGHT YOUR INNER SPARK, trust yourself again AND attract into your life the real love, support and connection you fear you'll never have. 



Your work is incredible, it's just so inspiriing. You're the best thing that has happened to me, I only wish I'd met you sooner.




I've been called "different", "amazing" AND "not you're average coach" but I'm not for everyone. My work is a unique and powerful meld of psychology, coaching, spirituality, NLP, energy clearing, metaphysics and my own intuitive wisdom.

WORK ONE-ON-ONE to create radical change, dissolve fear and unhook the subconscious attachments and patterns creating your problems. AND understand your life at the deepest level. So you can truly live and love fearlessly.

Are you ready to experience The Power Of The Mind Soul Connection?


Dawn's not your average life coach, her spiritual approach to coaching really helped me get to all that stuff buried deep down and understand it from a level that's not just about the mind. Dawn has been super attentive and caring. She often goes well beyond what's required to ensure you're supported throughout the process. If you're ready to dig deep into your unconscious patterns and finally change your life, Dawn is the life coach you want to connect with.

Nick, Brisbane


Happy relationship

Are you ready to resolve the repeating drama and conflict in your relationship(s) and get to the root of what's really going on?  Whether you want to get your relationship back on track or walk away I can help. And if you're single then lets' get you relationship ready.  

Unravel the secrets to creating heart-centred, soul-aligned synergy that begins with you:

  • Relationship Breakthrough
  • Healing Trauma Bonds
  • Self Love 101


"There's so much I took away from the Breakthrough Program! I use Dawn’s teachings everyday of my life. I make powerful decisions for ME now and I’m not constantly reacting from a place of fear."

Leigh, Brisbane


Soul Meditation

Evolutionary, soul-aligned mentorship and programs to dive into the deepest truth, intelligence and wisdom of your soul.

  • Clear ancestral patterns and trauma
  • Discover your soul's plan and pre-birth intentions
  • Unlock the secrets of karmic balancing and reincarnation
  • Discover how to consciouly tune into your power of co-creation and master law of attraction  

Understand yourself and your life from a deeper, logical spiritual perspective that makes sense.



Everything's energy, including you. There are 7 main energy distribution centres (chakras) and keeping them balanced and unblocked is key to living a healthy, emotionally balanced life.

Energy clearing and chakra balancing will help:

  • Clear subconsious patterns relating to each chakra
  • Rebalance each energy centre using various tools and techinques 
  • Encourage positive energy flow
  • Raise your inner vibration to a higher frequency
  • Leave you feeling lighter and more aligned 


I got more from talking to you once than to my psychiatrist who cost me $250 per half hour and I saw him for 8 weeks

Emily, Brisbane


Corporate Coaching

Heart-centred, soul-aligned coaching programs and individiual sessions tailored to meet client needs including:

  • Leadership success
  • Increasing productivity & improving communication
  • Change Management
  • Managing stress
  • Mental health and well being initiatives
  • Mindfullness in the workplace
  • Eliminating procrastination and increasing innovation
  • Increasing staff retention and customer satisfaction


"I would like to thank you for showing me the door and letting me step through into a new way of being. The principles you have helped me to remember are no longer theories in my mind but living beliefs melded with who I am."

Jade, Brisbane

What you can expect from me ...

  • Value and professionalism, I will always go the extra mile
  • Life changing clarity
  • A safe and scared space to unravel
  • Unwavering support, honesty, trust, love and respect 
  • Accountability
  • A fierce ally who believes in you 100%
  • An unwavering committement to truth; I will call out your BS and lead you back to the safety of reality
  • Evolutionary processes and programs that create change
  • A shift in your vibration, awareness and level of consciousness 
  • A shift in perception, thinking patterns and beliefs that postively impact your relationships and daily life
  • Kindness and compassion, without a shred of judgement
  • Intuitive wisdom, intellectual knowledge and a wide range of skills that will guide you to the deepset understanding of yourself, your life and your soul

And what I expect from you ...

  • Honesty (even when it hurts)
  • A willingness to be vulnerable, show up and do the work
  • An openess to change
  • Committement to staying with the process if the going gets tough
  • A willingness to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Follow through on actions, implementation and practice
  • A willingness to discover, accept and love yourself
  • A willingness to trust the process, trust me, trust yourself
  • A willingness to let go of what doesn't serve you
  • A willingness to step up and own your inner awesomeness!


- TAKE you from crisis to clarity.

- ASSIST  your personal, professional and spiritual growth and lead you back to very best version of you truly are.

- HELP resolve your relationship conflict consciously from a place of love not fear.

- GET YOU in ways that you've yet to get yourself, and show you how to truly know yourself.

- ANSWER the big questions, many of which you don't yet know how to ask.

- LEAD you back to freedom, peace happiness and the powerful  inner intelligence of your mind and soul.


I am 110% certain - this work is life changing. However I can't guarantee you'll get the results you want because I can't control you.

I CAN guarantee I'll show up for you 110% AND I'll put my heart and soul into helping you. But you have to show up for yourself and be willing to do the work. I can lead you there.



Personal and spiritual development are a life long journey AND you can and will see results, often in a very short time.  Change can happen in an instant AND if you're committed to the process YOU can guarantee your own results.

For the above reasons I don't offer refunds. Experience has taught me you're either all in or you're not.  Transforming your life should be the one thing you absolutely commit to above all else -  BECAUSE YOU ARE THE KEY. 

As a co-creator of your own reality, with the power to live happy, be fearless, and create unbreakable bonds, what could be more worthy of investing your time, effort and energy into than yourself?