About Dawn

Dawn Lee is a Professional, Personal and Spiritual Intelligence Coach™ with a passion for melding psychology and spirituality. Dawn's expertise is helping others into clarity and make peace with the past to find happiness, love and connection from the inside out. Her mission is to shine a light of awareness in the world and help connect others back to the truth and wisdom of their soul.


And you've been searcing for a while now; well you're in the right place. I've been through the fire and like a pheonix I've risen from the ashes of exteme trauma and adversity to live a beautiful life. 

I've learned the key to transforming my worst life experiences into my greatest life lessons. I discovered how to access my inner power and get back to love.  

And now I live as my most authentic, happy, soul-aligned and fearless self. With an inner peace and happiness that few have yet to find. 



I had a very specfic issue I wanted to address.  Each session Dawn helped me to not only address that issue but to find the true underlying cause of where it all began and why I reacted to certain situations the way I did. It was truly amazing to discover myself and the beliefs I'd carried with me for many years and how they were affecting me. It was such an enlightening, spiritual expereince, I really find difficult to put into words that do it justice. Working with Dawn is a true pleasure. No judgement just compassion and clarity, the clarity was immense. You really feel like you're in the safet of hands. It was  a true gift to work with Dawn. Something I'll be forever grateful for as I continue my journey of self-development.

Alli, Brisbane

Orginally from Scotland, I've lived in London, Japan, Sydney and now Brisbane. My career spans across corporate, management, teaching, training, social services/non profit, mental health, hospitality, consultancy and now my own coaching business. 

I'm soulfully educated in human behaviour, spiritual philosophy and metaphysics: 

  • BA (hons) psychology & sociology
  • APC - Professional accredited coach
  • Accredited trainer (TAE)
  • NLP trained
  • Certified hypnosis practitioner
  • Certified chakra and energy clearing practitioner
  • Radical forgiveness facilitator
  • The Work (of Byron Katie) facilitator
  • Co-author - Global Change Series by Jim Britt, international author/coach (Tony Robbin's first coach for 5 years) and worldclass mind trainer, entrepreneur and leader in human performance Jim Lutes.

"The mind and soul are like the left and right hand; to feel whole, balanced and serve our highest good, we need them working together."


- DISCOVER the root patten of what's creating the crisis in your relationship.  - UNRAVEL the conditioning and programming driving your negative relationship patterns. - REVEAL the lost parts of yourself that need attention to heal so you can quit feeling anxious, hurt and easily triggered. - CORRECT your thinking and dissolve the limiting stories and self defeating dialogue. - TEACH you how to show up in your relationships consciously, whole and free from the past, so you can trust and love openly. - HEAL generational/ancestral relationship trauma and show you how the intentions of your soul led to your experiences. - SHOW you how to recognise when you're in or out of alignment with your highest good and give you the tools to embrace forgiveness, acceptance and surrender to embrace presence and gratitude. - HELP you use your emotional backbone to approach relationships from love and not fear. - GUIDE you to developing your inner intellgience and connection to your higher self.