Good, you're ready to find the missing piece..


I'm about getting to the root, going way beyond the patterns and paradigms to that one deep thread that weaves through your life.

I also have a deep passion for enabling the wisdom and truth of the soul to find a clear channel through. I call it 'activating your soul brain™.'

Experience has taught me this just won't happen without doing the deep shadow work that many bypass.

One of my gifts is being able to see what others miss, and then lead you to seeing it too.

It can be a challenge adjusting to truth as we expand, heal and evolve. There's so much going on beyond what we've been taught to believe. I help you unlearn.

This is truly an exciting time and space to be in because we're growing ever closer to embodying the truth of who we are, and with that truth, comes our spiritual power.




One x 60 minute one-on-one coaching session

Detailed session report

Follow up email

You've hit a wall and you're stuggling to see your way through, you NEED UNFILTERED CLARITY.

This INTRO session will help you see exactly what's going on in your life or relationship, and will start shifting the energy around your situation. I'll quickly help you connect the dots and we'll uncover the universal energies, key beliefs and thought patterns underpinning your specific drama and the bigger picture will come into view.

Though I draw on my intuitive wisdom, my work doesn't involve readings, connecting with your guides or angels etc. Instead I'll be leading you to the clarity, truth and deeper wisdom from you souls persepctive. And I'll empower you to take your own aligned and intuitive action to resolve your issue, inside out.

You'll discover a powerful new perspective that will help you move forward with confidence and in alignment with your highest good. This session is also the perfect  opportunity for you to discover if you're ready to dive deeper with me and take the next step on your journey to finding your truest, happiest self.

From the first moment I loved Dawn's positive energy, she seemed to be speaking directly to me about where I was in my life - feeling stuck, wanting to make some changes but not quite sure what to do next, wanting to experience more joy and lightness. I'd been seeing a traditional (fantastic) counsellor following a traumatic event in my life but I was ready for a more spiritual approach as I came to understand the bigger picture of my life, the universe and how we're all connected. A major relationship in my life has more peace in it now, I feel like a weight's been lifted from my chest and shoulders and my stomach has returned to normal. I'm so glad I made the commitment to work with Dawn.

Louise, Brisbane

Business Owner



Core wound/beliefs analysis

Four X 1:1 intuitive coaching sessions

Detailed session reports

Four breakthrough modules/home assignments

Unlimited access inbetween sessions + 7 days after completion

This mini program is powerful start to deepening your awakening and unravelling yourself back to the roots of where all the blocks began. This program blows the lid off the unconscious aspects driving your current life or relationship crisis and will unearth the dominant core fear, life stories, repeating drama/crisis/challenge/self sabotage all surfacing in your life. You'll get powerful mental and emotional clarity, the what, the why and the how.

You'll also get the truth, the language of the soul and as we reveal the what is, we'll also uncover your resistance to it, and cultivate a deeper understanding that will lead you to the powerful place of acceptance and loving what is, as is. This is the key to healing and to releasing what's blocking you.

You're heading for a major life change, but you need to get from here to there and tTis program will help you hit the reset button.

Over the course of 5 weeks we'll get crystal clear on the blocks, patterns, stories and life lessons manifesting in your reality. You'll discover your key emotional and energtic imbalances and weakenesses. We'll start corrrecting your thinking which will empower you to move forward with confidence, clarity, commitment and a deeper understanding of yourself, life and relationships.

From here you may choose to continue on your journey and upgrade to the LEVEL 2 program where we delve deeper into the spiritual aspects of your souls journey and you will expand your awareness, raise your consciousness and uplevel emoitonally and spiritually.


My personal growth over the last 12 months has been immeasurable.  I've made a lot of changes to my life which deep down I knew needed to be made but fear kept me trapped.  With the tools Dawn lovingly shared with me, I could begin to believe in me again and know deep down that no matter what, I'm worthy of having the life I've always wanted and the only person stopping me from achieving it has been me.  Dawn has helped me achieve what no counsellor or psychologist has been able to self-love and peace in my heart.  Thank you Dawn!"

Renee, Brisbane


Eight X 1:1 intutitve coaching session

Radical Forgiveness

Detailed session reports

Complete Breakthrough Program (home course/assignments)

 Unlimited contact inbetween sessions + follow up after completion

FREE 6 month Inner Circle of Clarity, Accountability & Support Member


This 12 week program is intensive and covers mental, emotional and spiritual TRANSFORMATION and EVOLUTION. First by getting to the deep rooted patterns, universal energies, ancestral and karmic imbalances that are showing up in the conflict and struggle in your life and relationship(s)

This program is for accelerated radical change and spiritual growth. It will take your understanding to the next level as you become a more conscious powerful co-creative force in your own life. You will discover the purspose of your past and how to use it as the catalyst for your soul's true purpose and expression.

You'll emerge stronger, clearer, more authentic and soul aligned than you knew was possible AND you'll be ready to begin the next chapter of your life operating from the deepset aspects of yourself to call in the kind of soul aligned freedom, life and love you came here to experience.


I have been seeking a personal coach / spiritual guide to assist me with growth and awareness for a while, I was just waiting of the right person. As soon as I met Dawn I felt an instant connection, someone I could talk honestly and openly with. Someone who would challenge me gently and bring an increased awareness to how I am showing up, patterns in my thinking and provide me with the skills and beliefs to move forward and let go. Dawn has guided me through a process of healing and forgiveness that has allowed me to feel lighter and clearer. My relationships with others and myself have improved. I am more in tune with my body and my thoughts and have a peace in knowing I am exactly where I need to be right now. I couldn't recommend Dawn more highly. Thanks again Dawn.

Natalie, Brisbane


This program includes LEVEL 1 & 2 and delivers 26 hours coaching

2 hour coaching initial session to get clear on where you are/where you want to be

Email and text support 24/7

8 week Emotional & Spiritual Evolution package

16 weeks of ongoing coaching calls - one per week for four months to implement, support, guide and keep you on track to hit your goals.

This is a PREMIUM VIP program exclusively for clients who are ready to commit to next level radical transformation in their life and relationships. Working closely with me you'll discover how take control of your furture from the inside out.

If you want a reality worth bouncing out of bed for every morning, this is for you.  We'll follow the 12 week program to break through your blocks and reprogramme your subconscious beliefs and patterns and continue on to redesign each area of your life. You'll learn evolutionary tools to stay on track throughout the program and beyond.

You'll have all the support and mentorship you need to finally step out of the shadows AND truly live beyond the fear as you finally begin to realize your full potential and shine your light.