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 You're a work in progress; the more work you do the more progress you make. The more progress you make the more amazing life and relationships become.


I can't recommend this program enough.  Dawn has a very unique perspective on things and really gets you to shift your focus and look at things in a different light.

Anyone struggling with any aspect of relationships I'd highly recommned this program.

Jess P, Brisbane

Business Owner


End the struggle and win the war within. This powerhouse program will help you breakthough the limiting patterns, beliefs and repeating stories that have been keeping you STUCK for YEARS! 

Get to the root of the most negative core beliefs you hold about yourself that underpin the deep fear and subconscious shame keeping you stuck in your current reality. Learn about subconscious attachments and how to break them, how to balance and manage your emotions, transform a feeling and work through your shadow aspects. 

Discover the keys to shifting your perspective, aligning with your highest good and rebalancing and releasing karmic energies of your past.

Working on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of healing and change, this program follows the flow of the seven main chakras.  Includes:

Seven modules + worksheets

Seven Videos (1 per module)

Practical tools for each module

Subconsious Attachment Assessments

Access to facebook group support/mentoring

*Bonus pdf resources

Launch coming soon....



Mastering Law of Attraction is a must for calling in your dream life. You're already using LOA, it's working 24/7 but mostly you're manifesting unconsciously. Let's change that.

This program will teach you what you need to know about LOA and guide you through each step of the process. It will help you align your beliefs, thought patterns, words, actions etc, and with what you desire. 

It help you read what's showing up in your field and why and teach you how to use your focus to create consciously.  You'll discover how to quickly identify the subconscious beliefs that block manifestion and keep you stuck repeating old enegries of the past.  This  program is a follow on after completing the Breakthough Program.

Program Launching soon - TBA


This program will guide you to discovering the powerful and life changing art of self love.  Loving yourself is key to attracting great, lasting love and happiness.  If we don't love and respect ourselves how can we expect others to? This program focuses on getting to the roots of the internal blocks you have to loving yourself (and receiving love) and breaks down the barriers that stand between you and your most loving yourself.

It teaches you what self love is and isn't, and how to finally start seeing yourself for who you are, not who you've believed yourself to be.

It's packed with How To's and practical tips, rituals and exercises that will up the anti on self love and guide yoiu back to the sacred space of honoring your own precious self; mind, body and soul.

Program launching soon - TBA