It has to be somebody's fault.  We do love to point the finger, we can't seem to help it.  We want to hold somebody accountable for where we're at, or not. It simply has to be someone else's fault that we're where we don't want to be.
Feeling what we don't want to feel.  Doing what we don;t want to do.  Reacting in ways we wish we could just stop.  That we're so f*cking unhappy, or bored, or empty, or sad, or fill in the endless blank, has to be somebody's fault.
And in such an imperfect world, filled with such imperfect people, and imperfect lives, with so much dam unconsciousness, unresolved fears, pain, trauma and human suffering to wade through, truly, there's no shortage of where to point.
If he/she/they hadn't let me down I wouldn't be hurting. If I wasn't hurting I'd be happy. If I wasn't so unhappy I'd be more successful. If I was more successful I'd be happy.
If I'd had better parents, a better childhood, a different experience.  If I hadn't been rejected, abandoned, if I'd grown up loved, safe, secure. If I wasn't cheated on, I'd be more trusting.   If I had a better more respectful boss I'd be more productive, if my partner listened more, or my room mate tidied up, or my neighbour wasn't such a nosy ass-hole, or my dog hadn't eaten my homework, life would be, well, better.
Hey I know, these things impact our lives. Especially our childhoods. And I know it seems fair to blame those whose job it was to raise, us to protect us to teach us, and it's obvious that those who have hurt us have affected us. It seems fair, but is it true?
Every time we blame someone for where we're at, we sink a little deeper into where we're at.  It might feel good at the time, after all, we're the victim, but the truth is it's nobody's fault that we're here, now, in this moment, apparently stuck.
No one is to blame, not even us.
Because we're where we're meant to be, otherwise we'd be somewhere else. And where we're meant to be is according to one thing, our internal world. 
Our psychical reality, the life that we're leading, the things showing up for us, or not,  are a reflection of our most practiced thoughts and emotions. We don't want to admit it, but if we get still and ask ourselves, "honestly, what am I thinking about?"
We'll see that the majority of our thoughts, words and focus are on all the things we don't like about our life.
What if we spent as much time thinking about, talking about and dwelling on all the wonderful things we want to happen in our life, what would the reflection be like then?

We wont know until we do it, but right now we're stuck focusing intently on what is, and the story we've created about it which involves us hating or not being happy about what's happening.  Yes, life can seem unfair. yes we can be mistreated, let down, lied to, betrayed.  We can be sad for what's been lost to time, for what wasn't to be, and for what will never be.   And we can be scared of what's yet to come.

But if what we are consistently thinking about is projecting our reality and our psychical world is a reflection of and a match to our consistent thoughts then there is only one thing we can do.

We might think we think this way because life has made us, they have made us, but what if it's the other way around?  We have made life the way it is, and attracted them the way they are because we've thought them all into existence. We have aligned with the people and experiences that match our consistent thoughts, about never getting what we want in life, or about life being so hard, people being so untrustworthy, money being so tight.

Honestly, what are you consistently thinking about?

Yes, it's true we were programmed how to think, conditioned into repeating the same limiting beliefs and thought patterns as our parents, and their parents, and that's why it's not our fault.  We were too young to know or do different.  BUT from here on in, what we choose to keep thinking and believing, that's our responsibility. We have to make it so.

How can it not be?
No one can think for us.  No one can change our beliefs but us.  We're 100% responsible for getting control of our thoughts and creating beliefs that align with our highest good and it's our life's work to learn how.

We can start by letting go of the need to blame. Because it's nobody's fault. That's not what this is about.  And it's the blame game that keeps us asleep to what it really is about.  Waking up.  Becoming consciousness. Taking back our power.  The truth is that the people and experiences in our lives that caused us hurt, held us back or created chaos or drama are actually the very juice required to expand our desire for more and shake us awake.  We actually attracted them for that purpose. Like us they're stuck in the same cycle of beliefs and thoughts, they too are unconscious and that's why they came into our field in the first place. Because they align with the negative beliefs we hold and by reflecting them back to us they give us the best chance of waking up and realizing that we are the co-creators. Not the victims.

And that's the very place we need to be to finally take control of the one thing we actually have control over, and the one and only thing that truly matters, our vibration.
There is no blame.  Let go of the need for what;s rally just keeping you stuck where you don't want to be. Ownership is the key to conscious freedom.  And that's the gift that life is trying to give you, always.
For The Motherless

For The Motherless

One of the most sacred relationships on the planet is between mother and child. The love I have for my son is beyond measure. For as long as I live and breathe, and beyond, he’ll know he’s my world. I make this his experience every single day.   Nobody made it mine.  ...